A thrifter’s guide to Leamington Spa

This month I’ve cast the thrifting net a little further by visiting the Warwickshire Spa Town of Royal Leamington Spa. The town is noted for its beautiful Georgian architecture:

I visited on a winter’s day and got caught in a hail storm:

Leamington Spa is a prosperous town – type its name into Google and the top suggested question is, ‘Is Leamington Spa posh?’. Yes it is! And what do posh towns have? Excellent charity shops! These include Action 21, Oxfam, the Salvation Army and Cancer Research UK with most clustered just north of Jephson Gardens within walking distance of the station.

My picks are Cancer Research (26 Bedford Street, CV32 5DY) and the Salvation Army (136 Parade, CV32 4AG). In Cancer Research I saw this Orla Kierly dress in excellent condition and just 25 pounds. I didn’t buy it as I’m a ‘winter’ when it comes to colour; that brown shade would look awful on me so I left it for another lucky thrifer.

What I did buy is a this pair of BNWT H&M orange shoes and this beautifully lined skirt Laura Ashley skirt:

Tips for thrifting:

  • Have in mind any gaps in your wardrobe – I don’t have many green pieces which is why I was drawn to the Laura Ashley skirt
  • When thrifting you can be a little bolder than you might when buying something in a regular shop. I probably wouldn’t have paid for full price for the orange shoes as they’re a bit of a risk, but why not when they’re just a few pounds and a charity is benefitting?
  • Know what suits you, including which colour palette works best for you. It sounds a bit 80’s but a colour consultation can be a great idea

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