& Other Stories Review

I recently went into a roomy & Other Stories store in Coal Drop yard, King’s Cross, London.   & Other Stories was my favourite shopping destination before I committed to a year of buying secondhand clothes exclusively.  I’d almost forgotten how much I love this brand – they just get everything so right.  The knitwear with interesting details and in gorgeous colours!  Probably the best range of denim on the high street!

On this visit there was a lot more evidence that the brand is taking action on sustainability: earrings made from recycled glass and brass, jeans made from a mix of recycled and organic cotton, and jumpers made from Responsible Wool Standard Wool.  So, is & Other Stories now a sustainable fashion brand?  I was really hoping the answer to that question is ‘yes’ as quite honestly I’d love an excuse to go back to shopping there …

Products with sustainability claims seen in store in London, January 2022


What’s good

What’s not so good

  • Lots of the clothes contain some sustainable fabric but in combination with plastic-based and non-sustainable fabrics.  I am in love with this green top.   It contains RWS-certified wool – yay!  But it’s also made from virgin polyamide and elastane, both plastics-based synthetic materials with a high carbon footprint – hmm.  I consider labelling clothes which are only partly made from environmentally preferable textiles with sustainability claims to be a form of greenwashing, as it can lead me to think I’m buying something sustainable when I’m not. 

My purchase

I bought these jeans, which are 99% recycled and organic cotton, and 1% elastane.  This is my first purchase of new-new jeans since 2019.  (The cardigan I bought from Indi & Cold, a Spanish brand.)  These were the most sustainable I found in the store.  There are even better options available from other brands – and I’ll be publishing an edit of sustainable denim soon! – but I decided they’re good enough.

New Other Stories Jeans

The verdict

& Other Stories has improved its sustainability performance significantly over the past three years or so – which is great – but it’s got a long way to go.  A fraction of their range is sustainable so I might buy the occasional brand new & Other Stories item, but it requires scrutinising the product information details of each piece. I’ve picked up a couple of Other Stories jumpers on Depop that I adore, and will continue to buy the brand secondhand. 

Other Stories cardigan. Eyes closed again!

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