Adiós, Zara

I really try not to be a sustainable fashion pusher but sometimes I just can’t hold back.  Last week I was shopping in Madrid with a good friend convincing her that yes, it is worth spending 40 euros on an amazingly cut t-shirt in a gorgeous fabric because it will last years.  And look bloody great!   She bought two tops and a skirt in Indi & Cold.  I got a dress.

It could have been my persuasive arguments that convinced my friend for the sustainably produced and great quality clothes.   But instead, I think it was these jeans from Zara.  She’d had them for a measly two months and they’d already torn:

After just 2 months!

My equivalent is this Zara sweatshirt that I bought on Depop as brand new with tags.  Here’s my original post at the time of buying.  Within a year, it was irredeemably bobbly:

within a year

I shaved off the bobbles but one more wear later, it was back to looking tatty.  Since committing to sustainable fashion, I’ve often resolved ‘no more fast fashion’ but haven’t been able to completely turn my back on Zara – until now.  Ok, the clothes are cheap but if they need to be replaced so quickly, they’re terrible value for money.  Added to that, they’ll likely end up in landfill. 

This sweatshirt and my friend’s jeans might have finally killed my desire for fast fashion. 

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