Why I’m blogging about sustainable fashion

Hello, I’m Jen. My blog is about sustainable fashion and secondhand style.

I’m a reformed shopaholic and one-time top customer at Zara. Now I shop pre-owned (mostly), sustainable fashion (sometimes) and fast fashion (occasionally – because nobody’s perfect).

I wanted to write this blog for other people who love clothes but who are interested in being sustainably stylish. There’s lots if content out there about sustainability and fashion, but some of it feels quite elitist (lots of £200 jumpers) or a bit preachy. I’m aiming to provide content that’s realistic and practical for most fashion lovers. I discuss issues like privilege and sustainable fashion, how to navigate Depop dramas, and how to spot greenwashing.

I’ve recently gained a master’s degree in Environment and Sustainability and also have a qualification in sustainable business. Some of my blog posts draw on academia but I aim to make those posts accessible and hopefully more fun to read than a typical journal paper.

Please get in touch comments or questions: I’m @jengreggs on Instagram


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