Secondhand September Style Queen – Anna

I’m delighted to have another guest, Anna, on the blog to show off her preloved style this secondhand September

What do you love about second style?

I’ve always liked to mooch in charity shops. I’m never looking for a particular item, but always open to finding a special piece that can find a home in my wardrobe. Over the years I’ve picked up lots of favourite things from charity shops. 

What are you wearing? 

My Warehouse navy jumpsuit. I bought it one Saturday after lockdown in my local town, I spotted it on the sale rail outside the shop. It’s actually a size or two bigger than I normally wear and I couldn’t try it on because the shop still had covid restrictions, so it was a bit of a long shot! I think it cost me about £5; originally I expect it was £60 or more. 

Striking a pose!

I feel really elegant when I wear it and it’s had lots of compliments. I love its cutout feature on the back. It’s been so versatile, I can change its look with belts, shoes and other accessories. I’ve worn it to parties, work conferences and meetings, I took it on holiday to Ibiza for an evening outfit and I’m planning to wear it to a wedding later this month. It works with flats, heels, sandals. It’s quite heavy fabric so it hangs and packs well. It’s been quite the wardrobe staple! 

Jumpsuit teamed with a secondhand Karen Millen cardigan bought for £8

Thanks so much to Anna for sharing her love of secondhand style. Preloved purchases keep clothes out of landfill, reduce carbon emissions and – as Anna demonstrates – can look amazing!

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