Thrifted holiday wardrobe (and a thrifter’s guide to Great Malvern, Worcs.)

I’m just back from a few days in Barcelona and the Costa Brava.  I packed very lightly for trips.  That’s partly because lugging heavy bags is such a pain.   And partly because a lighter suitcase requires less energy to transport (1).  Flying is a real dilemma for me: I don’t have a car, I’m happy to eat mainly plant-based, and I buy most things secondhand but I do fly, despite knowing it’s horrible for the environment.  A minimalist approach to packing helps minimise the damage – although I’m not deluding myself that this makes up for the emissions from planes.  A good podcast that explores this topic: “Can Flying Ever Be Green?

The very small bag I packed for this trip included pre-owned finds from my new very favourite vintage store.  I was thrilled to discover a vintage shop called Hunky Dory in Great Malvern, Worcestershire.  Their selection of clothing is outstanding.   Typically, secondhand shopping consists of sifting through piles of not-so-great clothes, hoping to be rewarded eventually with a gem; at Hunky Dory there are gems everywhere.  Plus the shop is beautifully presented, and the staff are friendly and knowledgeable.  Address: 3 Priory Road, WR14 3ES. 

I bought two pieces from Hunky Dory.  The first is this silk patterned jumpsuit, worn here on the balcony of my hotel on the Costa Brava.   It cost £32.  I’m wearing it with a red obi belt.  Obtaining the belt 12 years ago involved a long and disconcerting walk through a dicey neighbourhood in Buenos Aires! 

My other purchase at Hunky Dory was a jumper from the Parisian designer brand, Maje.  This is a colourful, slightly glittery jumper was £30.  I plan to wear it with my black leather skirt and opaque tights.  Both of these purchases are a little bit daring.  Something I love about secondhand shopping is it creates freedom to try out bolder looks. 

Maje jumper from Hunky Dory

Another Great Malvern find that made it to beautiful Barcelona is this pair of grey khakis from Gap that I bought brand new with tags for £15.  Not the most exciting find, but sometimes you need a boring basic that can be set against a more daring top or shoes.  These trousers came from another excellent secondhand store, Déjà Vu.  It’s a charity shop specialising in designer and high end high street clothing, handbags, shoes and accessories.  Address: 8 Bellevue Terrace, Malvern WR14 4PZ.

Passseig de Gracia, Barcelona, and Gap trousers in Deja Vu

My final thrifted holiday look is a white top bought a while ago in a vintage store in , seen here on the roof of Santa Maria del Mar, Barclona:

While you’re in Great Malvern, it’s worth visiting the Priory.  Photos below. 

Best coffee – Rise Plant Kitchen for good coffee and vegan cakes.  1 Edith Walk, WR14 4QH. 

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The Priory, Great Malvern

(1) The Sustainable Travel Handbook, Lonely Planet, 2020

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