My best thrifted fashion find – so far!

One sunny day in June, I decided to spend an afternoon in local village- Barnt Green, in Worcestershire. I was there to sample the local coffee shops and laze about in the sun (my usual) but on seeing a branch of the Acorns charity shop, I went in. I didn’t expect to find anything in a small charity shop in a sleepy village. I couldn’t have been more wrong: I emerged into the sunlight 10 minutes later with a strapless white floral jumpsuit, having paid £7.50 for it.

Three weeks later I paired in with some silver heels bought at a vintage shop in Madrid years ago for drinks at the Grand Hotel in Birmingham

When your drink costs more than your outfit

Here’s the charity shop and price label:

What I love about this:

The money went to charity

I saved on pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and clothes going to landfill by shopping secondhand

I probably wouldn’t have paid full price for this jumpsuit as it’s a bit of a daring look, but I was very happy to spend  £7.50 on it. It was so fun telling my friends who complimented my outfit that I’d got it for under a tenner in a charity shop.

Next time you want a new look for a night out, try a charity shop. You never know!

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