Style stalker

At a recent brunch, a friend was wearing a forest green pleather skirt. As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to shamelessly rip off my friend by buying the very same skirt myself. Luckily she revealed she’d bought it in Zara and that it was two years old, adding that “it might be on Depop by now”. It was!

Here I am wearing it:

This is what I love about Depop (and other secondhand platforms of course) – I can almost always find exactly what I want on there. I thought I’d miss buying brand new, but there’s really nothing to miss.

I’ve cut down on my Depop purchases lately because overbuying is still overbuying, even when it’s secondhand. But this skirt was irresistible

#depop #thriftedfashion #secondhand #preowned

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