Autumn knits rewear

Autumn is my favourite season in fashion.  As sad as it feels to put away sun dresses and sandals, unboxing cosy sweaters and boots makes me excited for the new season.  I can almost smell the bonfires as I get out the knitwear.  This autumn my knitwear collection is mainly jumpers I’ve owned for a while now: I had an & Other Stories phase before I began shopping mainly pre-owned.  In fact, I’ve noticed that a lot of their new collection is Responsible Wool Standard certified, meaning that the wool comes from sheep farms with high animal welfare standards, fair treatment of workers and is produced in ways that protect soil health, biodiversity and native species:  I recently shared a post on how fashion is contributing to biodiversity loss.  So, if I was going to buy brand new knitwear, I wouldn’t be averse to buying from the brand again.

I aim to wear everything I buy regularly for at least three years. I do own quite a lot of knitwear, but I live in a country in which a jumper is needed 300 days of the year! Here are a few of my favourite Other Stories oldies.  The burnt orange jumper is & Other Stories and was one of my first preowned purchases.

Love the dinosaur buttons on this & Other Stories cardigan!

That said, buying a pre-owned item is better for the environment than a new one, even if it’s sustainably produced.  Therefore, I haven’t bought any ‘new new’ knitwear for this season.  There’s really no need to as Depop and Vestiaire Collective have everything I could possibly want.  I’ve already had compliments from complete strangers on this Madewell jumper and purple crocheted cardigan.  I also picked up this red H&M jumper:

Madewell jumper bought on Depop
New-to-me secondhand knits

My tips for buying secondhand knitwear are to buy wool if you can (rather than plastics-based materials such as polyester) as it will biodegrade, although I admit my H&M jumper is synthetic.  Don’t hesitate to ask sellers questions on re-sale platforms or offer a price slightly lower than the asking price.  Autumn is a season of reds, oranges and golds so I like to go for bold colours rather than black or grey. 

Enjoy the season! 

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I’m currently completing a Masters of Science degree with London University in Environment and Sustainability. In 2020, I gained a qualification in Business Sustainability Management from Cambridge University. I currently work with REAL Sustainability, where I am involved in sustainable fashion initiatives. I’m a former shopaholic and a current fashion lover.

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