My new favourite way to shop second-hand

It’s #secondhandseptember, so what better time to talk about my new favourite way to shop for preloved clothes?

Since deciding to shop only second-hand throughout 2020, I’ve mostly bought from Depop and Oxfam online – both of which I do love.  But I recently found something new. Re-Fashion is a relatively new platform for second-hand clothes.  There are a few things that set it apart from other options:

(1) It’s mission-driven

I spoke to the founder of Re-Fashion, Andrew, who told me that Re-Fashion “exists to keep clothes out of landfill”. I love this because according to Defra (the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs ), an estimated 0.82Mt of clothing and household textiles per year could be diverted from landfill or incineration, saving the UK economy approximately £82 million per year in waste disposal costs!  By far the best way to deal with used clothes is to re-sell them to new users: that’s exactly what Re-Fashion does.   

(2) Quality is guaranteed

Anything you buy from Re-Fashion will be of excellent quality because the organisation vets all of its clothes and won’t sell anything that’s damaged in any way.  I’m very happy with this orange Joseph I bought from the site – seen here on a night out. 

(3) It’s a great option for disposing of clothes you’re not wearing

It’s really important to buy from charity shops when possible, but donating to charity shops isn’t always the best way of passing on your old clothes.  Lots of charity shops are so inundated by donations that they end up selling on old clothes to go abroad, typically to developing countries.  The result is that textile industries in those countries have been displaced, further contributing to poverty.  You can post used clothes to Re-Fashion for free.  They have strict policies to avoid clothes being disposed of in unethical ways.  For example, they don’t work with textiles recyclers that might send clothes abroad or to landfill. 

Second-hand September is a great time to enjoy one of the benefits of preloved fashion, which is that you can afford to be a bit more adventurous.  I might not have paid full price for these pink, lacey culottes but seeing them on Re-Fashion, I thought, “why not?”. 

Let me know if you give Re-Fashion a try!


About the author

I’m currently completing a Masters of Science degree with London University in Environment and Sustainability. In 2020, I gained a qualification in Business Sustainability Management from Cambridge University. I currently work with REAL Sustainability, where I am involved in sustainable fashion initiatives. I’m a former shopaholic and a current fashion lover.

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I'm a London-based writer and blogger focused on sustainability in fashion. My purpose is to help everyone discover the joy of living more sustainably.

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