Oh sew simple

The Environmental Audit Committee recommended that students be taught sewing skills in schools.  The reason?  Most clothes end up in landfill.  In fact, every second, the equivalent of a rubbish truck load of clothes is burnt or buried in landfill. Given the low prices of clothes these days from supermarkets, Boohoo.com or Primark, most people don’t consider it worthwhile repairing a shirt whose button has fallen off.  But the environmental impact of throwing away clothes is huge: most aren’t biodegradable and could linger in landfill for decades, or more.

I have no interest in sewing.  None at all.  I’m so impressed by friends who alter garments or make their own clothes, but I’ve always thought life’s just too short for that.  I haven’t thrown away clothes that needed repairs in the past, but I’ve taken them to the dry cleaner for embarrassingly simple repairs.

When a button popped off my summery dungarees, I decided I’d sew it back on myself: how hard could it be?  That was in June.  I finally got round to it yesterday, with a lot of help from this YouTube video:

And …. Ta da! 

If you like me are wary of needle and thread, a new app called SoJo is operating in London.  The company will collect your garment from your home, repair it, and bring it back.  A bit like Deliveroo for clothes.   Or there’s always your local dry cleaner …

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