March Rewears

Spring at last! Almost (but not quite) time to put away the woolly jumpers and fleecy joggers I’ve barely parted from in the past few months.

Spring daffodils

This month I’ve switched from boots to trainers. These Vejas were a Depop purchase a few months ago. They’re not the most comfortable trainer you could wish for, but are made from wild Amazonian rubber. As you probably know, the Amazon is being deforested at an alarming rate. Any ways in which people can make money from the forest (as opposed to making money from cutting it down) have to be a good thing.

Second hand Veja trainers

Another rewear is this Levi’s skirt bought from Oxfam online. If I’m honest, it’s a bit tighter than I’d like. I’ve done yoga every morning in lockdown, and walking, but I’m missing IRL yoga classes, and swimming.

Oxfam skirt

The & Other Stories jumper below is probably my favourite rewear this month. Pictured here with a plastic necklace that was about 20 pence at a church Christmas fair at least 10 years ago and (just seen) necklace showing a religious icon (Mary?) that belonged to my great-grandmother.

Second hand & Other Stories jumper

Coming up in April, new posts on sustainable denim, and how fashion might change after the pandemic.

Thanks for reading


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