February Rewears

There are signs of spring! Snowdrops, crocuses and even daffodils are in bloom now. I’m looking forward to getting some spring/summer clothes out of storage very soon.

Almost spring

February has still been very much a jumpers and jeans month. Below I’m in a jumper (unbranded) and grey H&M jeans, both bought second hand from Depop. The jeans were my second ever Depop purchase and one of the most successful. They’re stretchy and therefore a very acceptable option for lockdown: I feel I’ve got dressed properly (good for morale!) but I’m still comfy. I can even do yoga in these jeans. I love the colour of the jumper. Below left shows my nails. It’s silly, but painting my nails really lifts my spirits, almost a year into the pandemic.

Below an M&S 1990’s cardigan I bought second hand. Not sure if this crosses the line into being too grannified. I think it’d be better shorter.

M&S cardi

Finally, here’s something I have not reworn this winter, which makes me a bit sad. This is a coat I have had for ten years. It was given to me by a friend when she moved back to Australia. It’s never cold enough there to require this level of outerwear! The friend who gave me this had bought it at a yard sale, so i have it not second but third hand. very sustainable! . I haven’t worn it this winter as it’s a city coat: great for nights out or shopping trips in town, but not so appropriate for daily walks in my local nature reserve. I’ll rewear it next winter …

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