Why I’m blogging about sustainable fashion

Three years ago a friend and I talked about co-authoring a blog on sustainable ways to enjoy fashion.  We didn’t get going on it because life in pre-Covid times was busy.  (Travel!  Nights out!  Brunches!)  But I never quite let go of the idea. 

There are already many blogs that discuss sustainable fashion – which is a really good thing.  However, I wanted to write something a little bit different.  Because lots of blogs are written by people who are highly committed to sustainability, they can come over a little bit preachy.  Maybe a tad judgemental.   I’m talking about posts that imply that if you’ve ever shopped in Zara or H&M, you must be a bad person.  Or that if you’ve occasionally given in to a pay-day ASOS spree, you should feel thoroughly ashamed.  

I have definitely shopped in Zara.   In fact, I think it’s fair to say I was probably one of their best customers a few years ago.  The pay day online shopping spree?  Yep, been there too. 

In recent sustainable fashion purchases

My idea for a blog was to write something that was free from judgement.  Guilt and shame don’t work, anyway.  Psychologists almost universally recommend approach over avoidance goals because they work better.  An approach goal would be a positive goal, such as ‘I want to experiment with preloved clothes’ whereas an avoidance goal would be something like ‘I will stop buying fast fashion’.  The first is way more appealing. 

So, I’m writing this blog with you in mind if you love clothes.   I’m writing this blog for you if you’re interested in the environment and sustainability and you’d like to make your shopping habits a bit more eco-friendly.   I’m writing this blog for you if you want to discover ways creative and fun ways to be more sustainable, without feeling like you’re giving up or sacrificing the joy of fashion. 

I plan on sharing tips on finding preloved clothes, reviews of sustainable clothing brands or collections, and guides to sustainable fashion in towns in the UK and Spain. 

Finally, having qualified in Business Sustainability Management with Cambridge Uni in 2020, I am now studying for a Master’s degree with London Uni in Environment and Sustainability.  This blog is a welcome escape from 3,500 word-long essays! 

Thanks for reading


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I'm a London-based writer and blogger focused on sustainability in fashion. My purpose is to help everyone discover the joy of living more sustainably.

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