January Rewears

Frost has nipped and snow has fallen this January. I love snow for the way it can magically transform the landscape. It’s as though I went to bed in a suburban street and woke up the next morning in Narnia.

The snow has given me lots of opportunities to wear preloved winter items this month.

Probably my favourite rewear has been this vintage dress bought from Waiste Vintage , an independent vintage shop in Brighton. I am crazy about this shop which stocks lots of genuine 60s, 70s and 80s clothes. If you want something undeniably vintage-looking such as a 60s shift dress or a 70s crochet cardigan, this is the place.

Snow in the garden

I’ve worn gloves, a headband and a hat for walks outside, all purchases on Depop. The gloves were just £3 and were from Asos. The burgundy-coloured headband was £5 and had been bought by the seller in Iceland. The hat was the same price, and originally from Topshop. Topshop on Oxford Street was the ultimate Saturday afternoon destination for me and my friends ten years ago. I suppose its demise shouldn’t have been a shock, especially since I’ve bought mainly online myself for years already, but I’m kind of sad about it.

I’m really happy with all of these purchases: I’ve been kept warm on my walks for £13. Not bad.

Final rewear for January are these earrings which I bought for very little in a shop in Whiststable, Kent, in the summer. Post lockdown I’m planning blog posts about the best hunting spots for preloved finds in the UK.

Thanks for reading!

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